My name is Chris Minelli.  I am a husband, a father, a small-town lawyer, and a 2018 candidate for Congress in the 16th Congressional District of the State of Illinois.  Like many people visiting this website, I believe our elected officials in the federal government are failing us.  The American middle class is struggling, workers cannot find job security and benefits, people cannot afford basic healthcare, and families in Illinois continue to see increases in living expenses without a commensurate rise in income.

Perhaps even more troubling is the indifference of our current elected official, Adam Kinzinger.  Mr. Kinzinger does not appear interested in publicly mingling with his constituents.  He appears more on national news giving interviews than he does in his own district.  Mr. Kinzinger takes tens of thousands of dollars from large telecommunications companies as donations and then votes their interests in Congress over the interests of the people.

American government is of the people, by the people, and above all for the peopleThe time for change is now.