Thank you so much for wanting to donate to my campaign.  I know that for many people it is difficult to pay bills, keep food on the table, and take care of unplanned contingencies like when the car breaks down.  I am humbled with every donation I get and I stretch every nickel I get.

There are two ways to donate: (a) via the internet – which preferred method for me since the computer does all the accounting for me, and (b) via mail with a personal check.  Please note that federal law regulates political donations.  Only American citizens or American nationals may donate, and each individual is limited to $5,400 per election cycle ($2,700 for the primary and $2,700 for the general election).

Don’t worry, I also laughed at the thought of someone giving a person $2,700 at one time.  My first three cars, combined, didn’t cost that much money.

Via the Internet

If you would like to donate online please check out ActBlue via the link below.  Act Blue is a not-for-profit that helps progressive candidates and charities doing progressive activities collect money online.  Thanks!

Via the Mail

If you would like to donate via regular that that is fine by me!  Please print and fill out this Donation Information Sheet and send it to me with your donation.  I have to collect info on donors for legal compliance purposes.  It isn’t just you — Act Blue does this as well.

Also, remember the following points on federal election law:

  1. Only individuals can donate.  So send a check written on your personal account, not a business check or a corporate check from your company (even if you are the only shareholder).
  2. Checks must be written on an account owned by the donor herself.  So that means (a) no money orders and (b) no certified checks.  (Certified checks are written on the issuing bank’s funds, not its account holders).
  3. Don’t write a check that will bounce.  That’s a real knucklehead thing to do.
  4. I am unclear – even as a lawyer who has printed out the regs and various position statements of the FEC – if it is OK to accept cash if the proper accounting and information is collected.  Because of that, I’m going the safe route and saying “no cash.”  Sorry for any potential hassle this might cause.

Thank you!!


Updated: 27 Jul 2017